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Least Religious Countries

When you travel to Europe, don't be surprised to find that many Europeans don't
believe in God. I have even witnessed some alcohol-infused conversations between
Americans and Europeans that almost ended in fistfights over His/Her existence.
When you travel to the following countries, you might want to pick a less
controversial topic of conversation ... umm, maybe George W?

Here are the Top 10
least religious countries
in the world:

1. Sweden (up to 85%
non-believer, atheist, agnostic)
2. Vietnam
3. Denmark
4. Norway
6. Czech Republic
7. Finland
8. France
9. South Korea
Estonia (up to 49% non-believer, atheist, agnostic)

The one that
surprised me was Israel, ranking 19th, with up to 37% claiming to be
non-believer, atheist, agnostic. Compare that with the United States, ranking
44th, with 3-9% non-believers, atheists, agnostics. (I think I have met them all
on the streets of New York City, too.)

The survey
concluded that "high levels of organic atheism are strongly correlated with high
levels of societal health, such as low homicide rates, low poverty rates, low
infant mortality rates, and low illiteracy rates, as well as high levels of
educational attainment, per capita income, and gender equality. Most nations
characterized by high degrees of individual and societal security have the
highest rates of organic atheism, and conversely, nations characterized by low
degrees of individual and societal security have the lowest rates of organic
atheism. In some societies, particularly Europe, atheism is growing. However,
throughout much of the world -- particularly nations with high birth rates --
atheism is barely discernable."

2 Responses to “Least Religious Countries”

  1. # Blogger babak

    All what you said about the relation between the social security, educated people ratio and etc in these countries are right. But as far as I know Sweden, Norway, Estonia are among the 10 countries with the highest number of homocide in the world.  

  2. # Blogger Saeid

    Columbia: 61.7 per 100.000.followed by South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Lithuania, have the highest homicide rates in the world .
    saudi arabia has the greatest number of people on death penalty .
    Iran has the greatest number of people on death because of accidental road.
    Please do not guess , just study the statistic and then comment!!  

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