Shanghai, Mainland China

you’d think i’d blown up the house with a family
inside and then posted photos of the carnage. it seems i’m possibly wrong, this
is possibly just a nice little bridge and the border story is possibly a

wikipedia’s still full of shit though.

[update #2] - so i may be wrong. depends on where you look.

[update] - i can’t believe there are still people out there who see wikipedia
as a great source for hard fact. try looking at a few different websites now and
then. there are many many sources that believe this bridge to be the shortest
international bridge and i’d take their word over wikipedia’s any day.

the zavikon islands…

allegedly, the island on the left is in canada, the one on the right
is in the united states. the smaller island contains the ‘backyard’ of the house
on the larger island.

the result is the shortest international bridge in the world.

thx: deputy (source)

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