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Finding the time with search engines

Google Time After a brief absence, it
looks like Google has reinstated
the time operator
in its search engine. In other words, you can search for
"time kingston," or "time in kingston" and find out what time it is in Kingston,

Previously, you'd get a little clock and the time for the
location you were most likely search for. But as you can see from the
screenshot, Google's spruced up its offering a bit and offers you multiple
results for ambiguous searches. A more precise search will bring up one

Of course, Google's not the only search engine that offers a time
feature. Search for "time in kingston" using Ask
and you'll get the local time in Jamaica as well as the current weather
conditions. No mention of Kingston, Washington though. Yahoo! shows you the time in Kingston,
Australia. Windows Live Search just returns
search results. Right now we're going to crown Google the winner since it gives
you the best chances of getting the result you were looking for with a rather
imprecise term. And as far as we're concerned, that's exactly how search should

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