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Google Data Center Netherlands

google data center netherlands

Earlier this year, Seeking
Alpha reported
that Google’s building a new data center in seaport city Eemshaven, in Groningen,
Netherlands… And here it is. The finished data center will house about 100,000
servers, which are to be powered by “green power” from nearby wind

This data center is probably the largest in the Netherlands (or at least it
claims to be), valued at €150 million (I think) at this moment. You can find the
whole set of photos on Flickr.

[photo by Erwin Boogert, used under a CC-license]

DSC_5471.JPGDSC_5472.JPGDSC_5481.JPGDSC_5483.JPGDSC_5484.JPGDSC_5487.JPGDSC_5488.JPGDSC_5489.JPGDSC_5495.JPGDSC_5497.JPGDSC_5498.JPGDSC_5501.JPGDSC_5503.JPGDSC_5505.JPGDSC_5506.JPGDSC_5507.JPGDSC_5508.JPGDSC_5509.JPGDSC_5512.JPGDSC_5513.JPGDSC_5515.JPGDSC_5516.JPGDSC_5517.JPGDSC_5522.JPGDSC_5523.JPGDSC_5524.JPGDSC_5528.JPGDSC_5529.JPGDSC_5532.JPGDSC_5533.JPGWind mill @ Eemshaven, GroningenDSC_5539.JPGDSC_5540.JPGDSC_5543.JPGDSC_5546.JPGDSC_5547.JPGDSC_5549.JPGDSC_5550.JPGDSC_5551.JPGDSC_5553.JPGDSC_5554.JPGDSC_5555.JPGDSC_5556.JPG

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