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How To: Download Private YouTube Videos

private youtube video

YouTube’s Help Center says when you
set your YouTube videos private
, they “will only be viewable by those select
members” you gave permission to. Well, that’s just like Gmail saying “you’ll
never need to delete another message” - no guarantee.

I don’t know whether Google’s considering this a feature or not, given that
it’s been around for a really long time, but sure it isn’t something the privacy
advocates on YouTube would like: you can download any private videos. :)

Now, the impatient you ask, “How can I download a private YouTube video
then?” It’s so darn easy, just enter the video ID in the text field below and
click on “Get Video”. Voilà! (finding a private video isn’t that easy
though)[VIDEO ID]

Video ID:

5 Responses to “How To: Download Private YouTube Videos”

  1. # Blogger amirkasra

    I have downloaded some youtube files but i can not see them.
    downloaded files have not any extension. i try them in most players but it not work. please help me.

  2. # Blogger mamal

    Dear friend
    These files have .flv format and you can see them with FLV player. You can download this software from
    This is a free software.  

  3. # Blogger amirkasra

    dear mamal
    thanks for your help. it works fine.  

  4. # Blogger a

    Is NOT working anymore.  

  5. # Blogger Toky Gérard

    not working... :/  

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